Friday, November 9, 2012


109 – SEPTEMBER 2012

                     THINK ABOUT IT


Proverbs 29:23  “A man’s pride will bring him low, But the humble in spirit will retain honor.” 

I have noticed that of all the “things” we struggle for (wealth, power, recognition, & praise), we expend the most energy and emotion in a doggedness to be right. 

In the old TV series "Happy Days", the Fonz would experience anxiety when having to say that he was wrong.   Whenever he was in a position to admit an error he would uncomfortably and reluctantly say, "Okay - I'm wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong!
            It was quite funny!  The humor was fixed in the reality that we all have trouble admitting error and in the impersonal manner in which our pride is exposed.   

Proverbs 21:23  “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles.  

When 2 people have a disagreement, it becomes amazing at the efforts that each go through to assure their rightness.    This phenomenon explodes when an end to a relationship is involved.   Friendship, courtship, divorce, employment, business deals … ,   
With great effort to protect your dignity and honor, here's a proven way to do it:
The first step is to e-mail to the enemy.   Take great care to perfectly word your case and, make sure to accuse the other of their "fault/s."
They will e-mail you back.  (Because they have the same plan going.)   They’ll rebut with a similar fleshy tone, stating their case and popping out their own well worded stinging accusations.
Make sure to e-mail again!
And again!
All the while, be sure to telephone the friends that you know will side with you.
Then call all mutual friends - to convince them of your honorable position in the matter at hand.
Lastly, contact all other mutual acquaintances that you never really gave much time to.   Carefully entertain them.   Wine them and dine them to your side.  

Just kiddin’.  

Sadly, however, I have witnessed some very wonderful people that have acted in this peculiar manner.   I have seen people that I look up to, people that are strong in their Godly faith, and people that are very nice and loving fall into this unpleasant self-deceit. 
It's a fraudulent satisfaction that leaves you empty.    It's a trap that I have put myself in and I look back with embarrassment and regret to the times I have allowed myself to fall. 

Proverbs 12:15  “The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice."Cross references:

              During the exhausting process, some friends will tell us to relax, to drop it, to let it go, to love, to forgive ..., but what do they know? 

Think about it!   After the damage is done and we finally shake the grip of the drama, we realize that they were the calm and wise ones.

This is just the way I see it.   Of course, I could be wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong.